Benefits of Online Marketing Public Relations

Aside from possible media exposure, online press releases are an extraordinarily easy and effective way to increase your website’s reach and rank within search engines.

The reach of your website is dramatically increased as your promotional press release makes its way all over the web through news distribution sites. This larger reach opens up numerous channels for traffic to get to your site and helps you to be more popular over web.

In addition to increasing the reach of your site, online press releases also increase your site’s rank. Search Engines rely on more than keyword frequency within a site to determine if the site should be displayed or not. They also rely on the number of sites linking to your site. The thinking is that the more sites that link to yours, the more likely your site stands as credible and expert. Hence, this improves visibility and appearance of your website over search engine results pages(SERP).

Whenever you submit any press release to any press release submission website, within minutes the release is featured all over the web from new-related sites to industry blogs. Overnight your site will be seen by search engines as being linked to by not one or two sites, but rather hundreds. This increase in the number of sites linking to your own will both increase the number of channels for traffic to make it to your site, but also increase your site’s rank. This helps in achieving a higher position in related search engine queries.