Direct Marketing VS Public Relations Campaigns

A savvy entrepreneur and business person will always ask themselves which type of marketing gives me the most bang for my buck? Recently, in a speech I gave to a group of marketing students they had a pie chart with all the different types of common marketing. On the pie chart was direct marketing and public relations campaigns, so one of the questions asked was; which works better direct marketing or public relations campaigns?

Of course the answer is it depends on several factors. Direct marketing mailing campaigns work much better if the company has a good standing in the community and in the area in which they are sending the mailings. To get good community standing and develop community goodwill it is best to have a public relations campaign or program.

This will definitely booster the performance of direct-mail advertising pieces. Can direct-mail marketing increase public-relations? The answer to this question is yes it can. In our company we did carwash fundraisers for nonprofit kids groups such as; soccer teams, church youth group’s and high school bands.

Sometimes in our direct-mail marketing pieces we would ask customers to come to the carwash fundraiser that we were holding for a nonprofit group and therefore we increased the number of customers for the fund-raising event through direct mail. By combining public-relations and direct-mail and letting them work together you can get additional synergies in the marketplace. Please consider all this in 2006.