Four Ways to Use Twitter For Marketing and Public Relations

Marketing and public relations go hand in hand. As you increase your public relations, you are actually marketing yourself. Public relations means reaching out to new and more people and that is how you make yourself visible to the public. Twitter marketing ideas are available aplenty. What is important is choosing the right Twitter marketing tips to reach out and be seen.

First and foremost, you have the advantage of being able to use only 140 characters when tweeting. When it is short and simple, people tend to take more notice. No one has time to go through lengthy emails. People love to take a peek and move ahead. What you must do is use the available 140 characters wisely. Write simple but innovative stuff.

Take time to understand what your customers want. You may not be able to always give them resources from what you own yourself. But you can surely give them links to other resources that they might find useful. You will automatically gain respect and trust as someone who is not only interested in sales and money.

Be professional in your approach. Treat people with the respect that they deserve. Communicate as much as you can. Communicating does not only mean posting tweet after tweet. It also means sitting back and reading what your readers have to say and then reverting.

Appreciate where it’s due. If you like something that was written by one of your customers or readers, be lavish in your approbation. Believe me, appreciation is one of the strongest Twitter marketing tools that you can use to improve public relations. Take interest in people and they will take interest in you.

Above all, keep things simple. Let people enjoy your posts and not wait in horrified anticipation of the time when your next tweet will hit them.