How to Hire the Right Advertising Agency, Public Relations Agency Or Marketing Consultant

Much has been written about the finding and hiring the right consultants in the fields of marketing and marketing communications. There are many articles on this very subject on the web.

Over the years, I have worked with many advertising agencies, advertising consultants, marketing consultants and public relations professionals in order to grow some of my ventures. Sometimes, I have interviewed a dozen firms in order to find the right one.

Unfortunately, most of these people have promised a lot and delivered very little results.

I know a little about advertising, marketing and public relations since I taught courses on these subjects at two universities and wrote a book on this topic many years ago.

Now, when I use a marketing professional or marketing communications firm, I make them partners in my business. That is, I pay them a retainer and I give them a percentage of sales from one or perhaps several of my products.

Many firms and consultants will reject this model. They claim that sales can’t be connected to advertising, marketing or public relations efforts. If this is true, then why would any business engage in these efforts and expensive programs at all?

In my mind, they refuse to be accountable and responsible for the results they produce or don’t produce.

However, in my view this a fair to them and fair for the business owner and the entrepreneur. Once your consultant and you have a chance to grow and share in the profits, there is apt to be great synergy between you and the outside firm.

An agency or consultant who believes in you and who believes in you and in your products and services can become a valuable member of your team.

Seek out professionals who are willing to work with you in this manner. Remember, they are getting a retainer and a piece of your action. If you make money-they make money. And in fact, they can probably make much more than they make on the straight retainer arrangement if they do a good job.

So, if you are thinking of hiring a consultant or agency for help with advertising, marketing, public relations or marketing communication, look for an individual or firm who you like, who likes what you do and really believes in your venture or your company.