Benefits of Online Marketing Public Relations

Aside from possible media exposure, online press releases are an extraordinarily easy and effective way to increase your website’s reach and rank within search engines.

The reach of your website is dramatically increased as your promotional press release makes its way all over the web through news distribution sites. This larger reach opens up numerous channels for traffic to get to your site and helps you to be more popular over web.

In addition to increasing the reach of your site, online press releases also increase your site’s rank. Search Engines rely on more than keyword frequency within a site to determine if the site should be displayed or not. They also rely on the number of sites linking to your site. The thinking is that the more sites that link to yours, the more likely your site stands as credible and expert. Hence, this improves visibility and appearance of your website over search engine results pages(SERP).

Whenever you submit any press release to any press release submission website, within minutes the release is featured all over the web from new-related sites to industry blogs. Overnight your site will be seen by search engines as being linked to by not one or two sites, but rather hundreds. This increase in the number of sites linking to your own will both increase the number of channels for traffic to make it to your site, but also increase your site’s rank. This helps in achieving a higher position in related search engine queries.

Direct Marketing VS Public Relations Campaigns

A savvy entrepreneur and business person will always ask themselves which type of marketing gives me the most bang for my buck? Recently, in a speech I gave to a group of marketing students they had a pie chart with all the different types of common marketing. On the pie chart was direct marketing and public relations campaigns, so one of the questions asked was; which works better direct marketing or public relations campaigns?

Of course the answer is it depends on several factors. Direct marketing mailing campaigns work much better if the company has a good standing in the community and in the area in which they are sending the mailings. To get good community standing and develop community goodwill it is best to have a public relations campaign or program.

This will definitely booster the performance of direct-mail advertising pieces. Can direct-mail marketing increase public-relations? The answer to this question is yes it can. In our company we did carwash fundraisers for nonprofit kids groups such as; soccer teams, church youth group’s and high school bands.

Sometimes in our direct-mail marketing pieces we would ask customers to come to the carwash fundraiser that we were holding for a nonprofit group and therefore we increased the number of customers for the fund-raising event through direct mail. By combining public-relations and direct-mail and letting them work together you can get additional synergies in the marketplace. Please consider all this in 2006.

Marketing And Public Relations Strategy – Are You The Face Of Your Business?

Marketing, public relations and business development or sales are not necessarily strengths of most owners. However, if you believe in the product or service you are providing, you owe it to yourself and your business to deliver that message personally. One of the most valuable roles a business owner can play is to get out of the office and promote the business to customers, prospects, and other stakeholders. It’s time to become the “face” of your business.

Remember Dave from the Wendy’s commercials? Dave Thomas successfully put a human face on his business. Even after his death, folks remember the successful advertising campaign that made him the face of Wendy’s restaurants. What about Suzanne Sommers, Jaclyn Smith, Ron Perillo, and one of my all time favorites – Frank Purdue? Remember them? They all became and still are the faces of their businesses – jewelry & food products, budget clothing, travel and chickens. The sons of Perillo and Purdue have continued the legacy of their fathers and have become the new faces of their companies.

No Secret Recipe Needed

There is no secret formula and you don’t have to be a ‘talk to everybody’ extrovert to be your company’s best marketing tool. You don’t need to be or become a celebrity. Many owners get started by simply increasing the time they spend with customers.

If you own a retail business, get out on the sales floor or go along when a customer takes delivery. Some of the most popular restaurants are those in which the chef interacts with patrons instead of staying behind those swinging doors. Learning what customers like and dislike is time well spent. Plus they’ll remember the personal attention they received.

Personal involvement is also important in business-to-business services. For example, Mike is the owner of a small commercial construction firm. Even though he has excellent foremen and project managers, Mike periodically attends weekly progress meetings with the customer’s project manager. They all know Mike and have developed a personal relationship with him, the owner, which creates goodwill for the business. He knows their concerns. It is no wonder that Mike’s company keeps getting repeat business even when he isn’t the lowest bidder.

Another strategy is to join a business owners’ networking group. These groups are great places for meeting prospects and trading leads. Participating in community organizations can reap similar benefits. All things being equal, people just like doing business with people they know.

Capitalize On Your Expertise

Becoming prominent in one’s industry is also an effective way to bring in new business. Look for opportunities to take on a leadership role in a trade association or other industry group. Make yourself available as a speaker on topics related to your business. Contribute articles to publications targeted toward your customer base. You might even follow in the footsteps of Dave from Wendy’s or Frank Purdue. Under the right circumstances, you may, personally, become an effective part of your company’s advertising.

If this all just seems like common sense, it is. Unfortunately, many owners don’t take the time or make the effort. Get to know your customers, prospects, and community and let them get to know you. They’ll know you care about their needs and the success of your business. You’ll have your finger on the pulse of the marketplace and be ready to take advantage of the opportunities that come along.