Drip Marketing As a Public Relations Tool

Public relations campaigns are created to generate good will for your company, along with name recognition and a perception of expertise or industry leadership.

Most of the time, public relations campaigns center around press releases and the preparation of “media kits.” These media kits are several pages of information about your company’s background, products, services, accomplishments, etc. Their purpose is to give a reporter the information necessary to write a story – which you hope they will do!

But think about those words: “Public relations.” Everything you send out is to raise awareness of your firm, while creating a positive impression.

Drip marketing, done correctly, can do an even better job with the individuals in “the public” who count most.

When you send a press release it goes to news media. So unless your message appears in a trade magazine or an online site dedicated to one profession, press releases are a way of taking the “shotgun approach” – scattering your message out to the masses in hopes that people who need your products or services will see them and remember.

Conversely, drip campaigns are sent to those individuals who have shown an interest in what you have to offer. And, aren’t those people more important to your success than the vast majority who neither want nor need your offering?

By using your drip campaign to provide helpful, useful information to people who have inquired, you can position yourself as the expert. But not only that, you show yourself to be a generous expert – someone who gives freely of advice even without promise of reward.

Because drip campaigns offer answers to questions and solutions to problems that your target audience has, the messages have value to them.

Thus, your audience will begin to look forward to hearing from you – and of course your name recognition will be established.

Where do you get the names? One source is from your website. Offer some kind of special report in exchange for the right to mail them you. Another source is a targeted list purchased from a reputable list broker.

Notice I said “reputable.” Please don’t fall for any of those cheap spam lists that are so widely offered on the Internet. Those are names that have been “harvested” from websites, blogs, forums, and even phony e-mail petitions. You really don’t want to have anything to do with them. Honest. At best you’ll get no results and at worst you’ll gain a reputation as a spammer.

Marketing of Public Relations in India

A Public Relations service is fast becoming a growing component of the communication segment that attaches itself to advertising and marketing companies, and other business firms. Due to the growing popularity of public relations services, more and more public relations agencies have come forward with their quality service through effective marketing. Public relations agencies act as an outstanding example of a perfect intermediary between advertising and marketing companies, business houses, and media houses and the consumers. Public relations firms take care of the need for an effective communication exchange between these stakeholders in the most efficient manner. Moreover, these public relations firms manage to unfalteringly provide the information needs of prominent brand managers, advertising and marketing communication professionals, advertising decision-makers, and media planning professionals, and so on. Many of the media professionals today are of the opinion that public relations is effectively heading straight to become the most prevailing advertising and marketing services discipline. The Indian domestic scenario related to public relations services shows a positive growth in the recent times. In fact, several of the leading public relations agencies in the country are putting their intelligence together to reach a stage of development that benefits all. The most effective formula for the success of public relations services is the presence of a favorable marketing ground for their services.

In the event of an economic slump, there are still a lot of companies and firms that are willing to continue with their purpose, although the amount of business gets somewhat slackened. In such a case, when it is very important to boost business and elevate the status of any particular company, the need for effective public relations is felt. It is very important to observe here that it is only due to the planning and strategies of public relations firms that business revives its position. Public relations firms present their business intelligence, creative approach, and energetic sales strategies to achieve their goals. As a result of the efforts of public relations, when the economy makes a u-turn towards normalcy, major business players obtain immense support, while companies of lesser status achieve a new high in their status. It becomes very crucial for various business enterprises dealing in all sorts of business to gain from the continued support and guidance of public relations services. In fact, a public relations is that part of the business industry that exists majorly for the development of business and national economy.

Isn’t Public Relations Only For National Exposure?

My general rule of thumb is to never use the word only when referring to public relations.  For example, statements such as: public relations is only for celebrities, or PR is only for major corporations, or PR is only for national exposure are all incorrect statements.  Yet, most people have a tendency to think about PR in that type of only perspective.  Which is why there are so many misconceptions around what PR is and how media relations works.  Those type of onlys tend to shut people down and often lead business owners and entrepreneurs to make the wrong marketing decisions.

So they miss out on finding new ways to establish their business, bring in more clients, make more money and build their brand.  For example let’s take the statement that PR is only for national exposure.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  There are a number of ways businesses can local marketing exposure for national companies is one of the most overlooked areas of opportunity. Local exposure for businesses that provide products and services only in a designated local geographical area generally have an abundance of exposure opportunities available to them.

The truth is that PR, like a car, can be used for a multiple of reasons.  If you’d never bought a car and you heard that they were only for celebrities, or only for professional race car drivers, or only for the owners of large corporations, you’d think twice before buying, but think of what you’d be missing. There are myriad reasons that people buy cars. Some drivers only want a car for local transportation, others cover long distances, some carry equipment and are used for work, others are high end or turbo charged; it all depends on the driver and his or her needs.  And the same is true when it comes to launching a public relations campaign.  Your primary focus might be local or national, or a blend of the two; your aim might be to build your business, or bring in more clients, or establish yourself as an expert in your field, or establish your brand.  All of those are legitimate goals that can be accomplished via PR, publicity and media relations.

PR is perfect for start ups, small businesses, huge corporations, artists, celebrities, physicians… you can pretty much fill in the blank.  It is a form of marketing that you can utilize to meet your particular business and marketing needs.

So figure out what your marketing goals are.  What is your target market?  Who is your audience?   Who are your clients and customers?  Once you know your objectives you can develop a  public relations campaign  custom made for you and your business.

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