The True Meaning of Public Relations

Samantha Jones, the wild one in “Sex and the City”, is in public relations. Public relations is the method of communicating among organizations. Through this industry, a business builds up, sustains and manages the image it would want to project to other establishments.

With that definition of public relations, it is clear why Samantha has that kind of personality. Being an extroverted individual and open to new possibilities and situations are the two prime factors needed in public relations.

By tabulating public attitudes depending on the procedures, policies and interest of an organization, a public relations officer is able to execute actions or programs that would allow them to mediate and work with one another on the best possible way. It is also the process of grouping together the varied perceptions of a business’ targeted audience when it comes to dealing with real prospects and entities.

Public relations involve the evaluation of the opinions and attitude from the generating public. It also implements and formulates the procedures and policies for the organization in order to communicate well. This coordination in the programs develops good will and rapport with other industries.

Public relations must always be two-way. By fostering a good relationship between the two establishments, the public constituents (in this case the public relations officers) were able to do their jobs.

To give you a clearer picture on how public relations work, here are some examples.

1. There are some corporations that utilize the MPR or the marketing public relations in order for them to share information the information on the products they distribute and manufacture to their possible clients. Normally, the sales of these products are short or long term, but because of the public relation process, the corporation has branded it on the market.

2. Corporations can also serve as the vehicles in reaching out to the politicians and legislators who could help in regulations, taxes and other public relations communication, as long as these people are fully supporting the program.

3. Non-profit organizations like hospitals, social services, human service agencies, schools and universities turn to public relations in order to spread the word of their fund-raising programs, awareness programs and staff recruitment. It also helps in increasing the patronage of what they are providing to society.

4. When running for public office, politicians resort to public relations so that they can attract a good number of votes and raise money. If they are able to be successful in the ballot box, then they use this to promote their means and to also defend their position in the office.

Public relations have been defined over and over again throughout the years but it redefines itself. This is because the clients involved in this industry constantly evolve in terms of goals and aspirations, thus most people who are not in the business often misconstrued what the profession is all about.

Basically, the general idea of public relations is advertising, branding and marketing. Anything that involves the media is the responsibility of the public relations officer. He encourages magazines, newspapers, radio and TV to print or air good things about the services and the products. This promotion will reach their targeted customers therefore generating an increase on sales and patronage.

Naturally, for a company to succeed in public relations, his team must include a good mix of background so that the insiders know what the outsiders want and deliver exceedingly well.